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Seekers Update

Signs of spring are popping up even though we’ve had some cooler days. The weather has been great for getting outside. Many of us enjoy walking in the woods during these cooler days. The beauty and quietness of nature restores our minds and bodies and heals our sometimes battered spirits. Recently Graham and I were walking along the creek that flows through our Alabama land. Graham pointed out the scars on the trees where barbed wire fencing had been a hundred years ago. The scars were still evident and in some places the wire was still in the scar causing incomplete healing.

Seeing these scars led me to think about you, me, and others. We bear the inner scars from past hurts. Others may not see them, but they are there. We need to remember that others bear scars also. By showing kindness, not sitting in judgement, we may help to heal the hurts of others and our own hurts as well. Reaching out to others through acts of kindness is a wonderful way to demonstrate the loving, kind nature of our congregation. If we could remember to do this daily, wouldn’t this be an amazing way to grow our church!

By Bev Anthony, Elder

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