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Our Purpose:

Our purpose is to organize and administer educational programs of the church, and to oversee spiritual growth through the Life Group ministries.

Our Role:

Some of our roles are recommending curriculum programs to the session, providing a variety of study courses for all ages and needs, planning and securing program leadership, and providing training as needed.


  • Rally Day

  • Sunday School

  • Vacation Bible School (VBS)

  • Special activities for children's and families

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VBS 2019
Easter 2019
VBS 2019
VBS 2018
VBS 2019
VBS 2019

Contact our current Elder or the church office and let them know you would like to be involved. Some ways to get involved are to become a Sunday School teacher, facilitate Presby Kid Worship (PKW) which is our children's service during worship, or serve as an active committee member, just to name a few.
We are always seeking new ideas to plan and organize activities to help our church family grow in their knowledge of the Bible and, through their spiritual growth, to share their faith with others.

You Can Make a Difference