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Our Purpose:

Plan and carry out financial strategies and other faith-based giving events as well as work to educate the congregation on the importance of regular financial giving throughout the year.

Our Role:

Plan and conduct the annual Stewardship drive along with studying giving habits of the congregation. We establish and coordinate church-wide faith-based giving events and work with the Session to develop / promote alternative sources of income.


  • Stewardship Campaign

  • Kick-off Luncheon

  • Commitment Sunday Luncheon

  • Commitment Sunday canned food drive.

stewardship heart work with church

Contact our current Elder or the church office and let them know you would like to be involved. One way to get involved is helping with campaign luncheon tasks such as decorating and making desserts.
We are always seeking committee members to help bring new ideas to the table.

You Can Make a Difference

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