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Hospitality Update

Happy New Year from your Hospitality committee. We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and pray your New Year is happy and healthy as well.

The menu was planned before the recent temporary protocols set by Session. Since we do not know what week in January the dinners will resume, we will go ahead and publish the meals we had planned.

We had a very busy Advent season beginning with our last Fellowship dinner on December 15th. Thank you to those who stayed and participated in all the activities. Congratulations to Bev Anthony and Mr. Gerhardt, our mystery seat winners and to all table game winners, as well. I hope everyone had fun!

Originally, Fellowship dinners were to resume on January 12th, but at this time Session has postponed them. Once we resume you will not want to miss a single meal this year. Please thank our captains when you see them. This is not an easy job, but they provide these meals for us effortlessly and always with a smile. Thank you to... Suzanne McDuffie, Roberta Whitaker/Judy MacGrath, Carole Brown and Diane Ellis.

On Friday, December 17th our church hosted a Family Night Christmas Party for our members and the community. Invitations were sent to area schools. Activities included outside games, cookie decorating, singing, a movie and Santa Claus even showed up. There was a great turn out. Thanks to Mike Millikin for chairing this event and to those who helped plan and showed up to help.

As we start a new year, I continue to encourage everyone to get back to participating in planned activities. You are missed and you are missing out!

By Terri Millikin, Elder

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