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Communications Update

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

By Gerry Klauber, Elder

Most people in our community are enjoying prosperity. Jobs plentiful, pay improving, retirees investments increasing, for the most part life is good. The downside, a contentious political atmosphere.

Suddenly a fog of anxiety, panic and despair enveloped our lives. Society, as we knew it weeks earlier, ceased to exist. Our vibrant community ground to a halt. Why did this happen, who is responsible, what will become of us and when will normalcy return? What is normalcy, what was normal in the past, is it normal today, will it be normal in the future? I conclude that normalcy is a variable.

Unfortunately, but maybe fortunately, similar events have been taking place for millennia. The proof is in our Bible which has been with us almost since Creation. We as humans perceive these events as cataclysmic. We can only speculate why; humans are quite good at the blame game. Has humanity offended our Farther in Heaven again, possibly, our Lord is Sovereign over all things. I believe this is where the answers lie. We were created by God and still loved by our Creator. After every cataclysmic event humanity has emerged for the better, I believe this is the way of our Lord.

This said, let us look at our many blessings. The first one that comes to my mind is our beloved Church family. The next blessing is our ability to Worship through the use of social media. We are also blessed with a very talented and dedicated staff, so that we may experience a complete Worship Service at home. Our Father has so blessed humanity, and this event shall end. We shall be a stronger and hopefully a more reverent society. The light of our Lord and Savior Jesus shall shine brighter than ever before.

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