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Updated: Mar 9

The staff is working very hard so that our Church can spread the Good News. They are responsible for local news paper ads, our banners, our electronic sign messages ,social media, Presby Press and the weekly bulletin. They produce bulletins for special events, send out meeting reminders and much more. The Annual Report by itself is a Herculean effort. This work takes place everyday, and is the effort level necessary to support just one of our many committees, Communications.

Jodie Killian is spearheading, with the help of staff members, our social media efforts. She has greatly improved the efficient utilization of Facebook and YouTube. This work involves both hardware and software. The live streaming of our Sunday Worship Services and our classes has been significantly improved. We are reaching beyond Lake City, and are starting to develop a following.

Like myself, we are all aging a bit, and possibly just a tad slower than we once were. Jodie is developing curriculum for us, and will be offering classes (with help on an individual bases when needed) so that we may use our electronic devices effectively and benefit form social media. I was proud of my mastery of the TV remote. I guess I should now try to move into the twenty first century. To this end, we are considering a devices tutorial that can be accessed at any time.

The Communications Committee shall always appreciate comments and suggestions from the Congregation. May we always be Guided by the Light of World Jesus the Christ.

Gerry Klauber - Communications Elder



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