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John 9:16-23

Good Morning, I’m Pastor Ken Goodrich from First Presbyterian Church in Lake City Florida. I am humbled to be able to bring some thoughts to you this morning.

George Elderkin in 1890 penned these words...We walk in the light, beautiful light. Come where the dewdrops of mercy shine bright. O, shine all around us by day and by night. Jesus the light of the world.

Let us pray...Gracious and loving God the days seem more tumultuous and yet we know, we are assured you are always present; upholding us, lifting us up, and even letting us rest in the palm of your hands.

I urge you to turn to your bibles now and read John 9:16-23. The blind man has received his sight by the gift from Jesus and the Pharisees now question him and his parents. The man when asked what he had to say about Jesus, “He is a prophet.” His parents being grilled about who the healed man was, “We know he is our son. We know he was born blind. Be we don’t know how he now sees and we don’t know who healed him. Ask him ...he’s old enough to answer. They were afraid of the authorities. Now the authorities had already decided that whoever confessed Jesus to be the Messiah would be expelled from the synagogue.

These past weeks have been quite crazy, who to believe...who to turn to for untainted information... should we stay away from each other or practice social distancing? The big question for most of y’all is when will our church doors be open again so I can be with my church family. Some have agreed with us continuing our worship online and live but not sitting in the pews ... a few have disagreed with us and think that we should be shoulder to shoulder in the pews. When we enter into these discussions and times we must remember to look at the person’s situation through their own eyes and experiences. The understanding and compassion needed is all important.

The Light of Jesus Christ illumines us and invites us, allows us to see things more clearly, see thing more fully, and be open to the experience of the other. Jesus invites us to listen and to always look through the other lenses. That is always his way of showing us how love neighbor as our selves.

Let us pray... Gracious and loving God we pray this day that you help listen so I may see. That I see so I might hear and experience compassion. Amen.

Friends .....Open your ears that you might hear, your eyes that you might see, and your heart to share the love of Jesus Christ in all that you say, do, and are.

Peace, Pastor Ken

Pastor Ken Goodrich

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