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Mission Outreach Update

The Mission Committee did a special project for our backpack families for Spring Break 2021. We sent out a letter inviting the families to come pick up extra groceries for the week off. We provided perishables such as milk, bread, lunch meat, cheese and other items we can’t provide in the bags we send home on weekends. Several families responded and received the extra food. They were very appreciative. We were a little surprised that the turnout was not better, but attribute that to the stimulus that had just gone out that week.

As always, we sent home extra food in the backpacks for Spring Break, and we know that our backpack kids did not go hungry over the vacation week. Thank you to all that support our backpack ministry. Your gifts of food and funds are greatly appreciated. Special thanks to all of our packers! Lisa, Rosemary, Judy and Andrew do a fantastic job!

By Jordan Green, Elder

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