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Music Update

What a difference a year makes!

My Press article from April 2020 was announcing the postponement of the cantata due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Good news, though: this April Press article is to announce that, after a long and difficult year apart, IT’S ALMOST TIME FOR CHOIR!

With the approval of the Session, we will begin choir rehearsal at 9am on Sunday, April 18. Rehearsal will be in the Sanctuary, in the pews (not the choir loft), in the designated spots where we currently sit for worship (12-feet social distance), and masked (for now).

There will also no longer be Wednesday evening choir rehearsals. The earlier Sunday rehearsal will give us time to work on upcoming anthems and sing through the music for worship that day.

The prayer is that, by Pentecost, we will all be vaccinated and can sit together in the choir loft, unmasked, side by side, and ready to sing an anthem. I look forward to singing with you all again soon!

By Tim Redding, Music Director / Worship Coordinator

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