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Scouts Troop 85 Update

A Scout Thanksgiving Reflection

There were many things I was thankful for during this month's campout. My name is Jacob Kuzyk. I am 12 years old. I am a Second-Class Scout and only 2 requirements away from First Class and I went to this month's campout. During this campout, I worked on the wilderness survival merit badge. One of the requirements was to make a shelter out of natural things found in the wild. When I did that requirement, I was thankful for the clear weather, no rain, and how it wasn’t that cold. I was also thankful for the different activities- we were able to cook and fish, and explore the river shore. I appreciate all the little things that I have, especially a pillow and a blanket.

The November camp out was held at Montgomery Farm and below is Jacob’s shelter where he slept for one night.

Upcoming Events

Scout Sunday is coming up in February and we need to decide what the Scouts will be doing so they can begin to work on their parts.

The Lake City Christmas Parade will be held on December 11 at 6pm and the Scouts will have a float. See you there!

If you would like your scout to continue with their scouting experience beyond January 31st (and we hope you do!!) please see the costs below for the upcoming year February 2022-January 2023.


*$108.00- National & Council Fees*

*$50.00- Troop 85 Yearly Dues*

**Total Owed for Scout: $158.00**

All adults in positions who would like to continue into the new year will need to pay the fee below:

Registered Adults: **$57.00- *National & Council Fees*

All fees will need to be paid to Troop 85 no later than December 13th!!!!!!

If you want to use the funds in your scout's account, you will need to let Courtney Livengood know by December 13th.

Scouting Facts

· One out of every three West Point Cadets was involved in Boy Scouting as a youth and

14 percent are Eagle Scouts.

· Of the 294 U.S. Astronauts, more than 180 were involved in Scouting and 40 were Eagle


· Boys in Scouting are 12% more likely to have all A’s in school.

· Boys in Scouting are twice as likely to earn a college degree.

· 87% of men who were Scouts indicate Scouting helped them to be a better leader in a

real work situation.

· 87% of men who were Scouts indicate Scouting helped their self-confidence at work.


About Our Troop Newsletter: Information compiled by Gerri Kuzyk, Troop Leader. All information is subject to change at any time. If you would like to contribute to this newsletter, contact Gerri at

Our fundraiser that is delicious and inexpensive is still going.

Country Meats is a locally based company out of Ocala, Florida and has been a longtime supporter of Scouts. They have an incentive program to earn patches.

These meats are high in protein, low in carbs and taste wonderful! How much do they sell for—only $1.00!!! For each stick sold the Scout gets $.45 into their account.

By Gerri Kuzyk, Troop Leader

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