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Worship Update

As I write this for our April Press, we are still anticipating Easter week services and worshiping with members whom we have not seen in over a year!

Did you watch the Palm Sunday service? Didn’t you just love the music? Such talent we have been blessed with by Tim, the band, and Pastor Ken.

Many thanks to Suzanne McDuffie (and Lee, too) who are responsible for all the Easter flowers that will fill the Sanctuary. It takes a lot of time to gather them all up but it’s oh, so worth it. They are beautiful.

We are slowly getting everyone back and will be so glad to worship and fellowship together. Temperature checks and reservations are no longer required. However, masks MUST still be worn in church buildings and when on campus.

Hopefully, everyone will be vaccinated soon.

Start saving your change! LOUD OFFERING resumes on April 11th. Even if you cannot be here, place your change in a bag and bring it by the office or save it till when you can come.

I personally want to thank our Elders on Session who have graciously assisted in greeting and ushering each Sunday. They have all pitched in and helped with worship and will continue to do so until we get back full-time.

By Roberta Whitaker, Elder

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