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2021 Summer Camp at Camp Montgomery

"What, then, shall we say in response to this? If God is for us, who can be against us?"
Romans 8:31

This was our verse of the week at Camp Montgomery as we learned about what it means to be a Champion. Not just in the sense of being a winner of a contest, but being a Champion for a person or a cause.

On Monday, we learned about Miriam. Miriam is the Champion as she stands watch over baby brother Moses and speaks up on his behalf. And because of her willingness to speak up, not only was Moses saved, but God later used him to save an entire nation!

On Tuesday, we talked about David and how God used him to become a great King and Champion for the nation of Israel. David was the youngest and the least important in the family yet God still chooses him. We focused on how we look on outward appearances while God looks at the heart.

Wednesday – We were introduced to the story of John the Baptist and how he was a Champion for Jesus as he went around preaching about the one who is to come. We talked about the time when John was in jail and had a moment of doubt. The question was, how do we respond to that doubt and remain Champions.

On Thursday, our last full day, we looked at the greatest Champion of all – Jesus! Jesus is

the ultimate Champion as we hear and see the things he did and the lessons he taught. And best of all, through the mercy, love and grace that He offers to us, we can become true Champions for Him!

It really was a great week at Camp Montgomery! Including myself, we had 13 of us representing our church family. And the Camp Nurse was our own Jennie Bryan. (So I guess we really had 14.) Not only did we have a great time, but I believe that we all were drawn closer to God throughout the week.

Thank you for all the support that you put into the youth program here at First Presbyterian Church of Lake City.

By Johnny Brown, Youth Director

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