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Boy Scouts Troop 85 Update

The Action Troop is back! Watch out for more updates and exciting news from Troop 85!

Meet our Scouts: Bottom left: Jacob Kuzyk, Dakota Beichner, Hunter Randall, Joshua Livengood, Josiah Wheeler, Bronson Cooper, Joel Aponte, Liam Galvin, Alex Jewett, Draco

Thompson, Kyle Jewett, Ben Lewis, and Tristan Rainflower-Wilks.

Along with the Scout Leaders: George Wehrli, John Wheeler, Daniel Aponte, Tom Mullins, Courtney Livengood, Dessa Beichner, and Rob Lewis.

Backpacking Weekend Camp April 16-18 White Springs, Florida. A Scout is always prepared. Rain or shine they tackle the weather.


Fundraiser Corner

A new fundraiser that is delicious and inexpensive! What more can you ask for in a fundraiser? Country Meats is a locally based company out of Ocala, Florida and has been a longtime supporter of Scouts. They have an incentive program to earn patches. These meats are high in protein, low in carbs and taste wonderful! How much do they sell for—only $1.00!!! For each stick sold the Scout gets $.45 into their account.

By Gerri Kuzyk, Troop Leader

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