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Christmas Memorials

In memory of Mike Kennon, given by Marie, Recie and Laura

In honor of my church family, given by Anne Carroll

In loving memory of Herbert and Sophie Ellis given by Herb and Diane Ellis

In loving memory of Harry and Mary Beth Bookman, given by Herb and Diane Ellis

In memory of my husband, Ritchie L. Howe, given by Nancy Howe

In honor of our families, given by Tommy and Cheryl Whigham

In honor of Tim Redding, given by Bill and Linda Poplin

In memory of my husband Walter and our son Skip, given by Phyllis Skinner

In memory of my wife Elaine Klauber, given by Gerry Klauber

In memory of my parents, Fred and Elizabeth Plymale, given by Debbie Spencer

In memory of my father, Paul Hawkins, Jr., given by Evie McCrady

In memory of my husband, Marvin Hall given by Lucy Hall

In memory of my husband, Hugh A. Wilson given by Rose Wilson

In memory of my son, Bruce M. Dana given by Rose Wilson

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