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Stewardship Update

By Debbie Spencer, Elder

Pray Your Part, Pay Your Part

The 2021 Stewardship Campaign is coming to a close. At this time, we are short of our projected goal of $445,984.12. Even though you may not be with us for worship on Sunday mornings, we still need your help to keep this great church operating. As you know, we have continued to serve the community and the congregation during this awful pandemic. Hopefully, in the near future, we can return to our “normal” operations.

In the meantime, please PRAY about what your part is in keeping things running smoothly. If you have not returned your pledge card (electronically or in person), PLEASE consider doing so. WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW MORE THAN EVER; we are currently $117,168.12 under our projected goal.

Please contact Nikki, our Administrative Assistant, at (386) 752-0670 if you have questions.

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