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Girl Scouts Troop 9085 Update

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

The young ladies of Troop 9085 started November off with a service project. Along with Troop 85 (Boys), the scouts helped the Lake City Police Department park cars at the Columbia County Fair. This activity also helped raise funds for both troops.

Later in the month and into December, the girls have been working on the Geocaching merit badge. Geocaching involves finding hidden containers. There are millions of caches around the world. Our scouts traveled to Alligator Lake Park and O'Leno State Park to start their hunts. We had two very awesome hikes in the beautiful outdoors. The girls will continue over Christmas break to independently look for caches.

The troop just completed a two month long fundraising event that finished at the Lake City Holiday Market. The primary fundraiser was first aid kits which we hope to do again next year. At the holiday market, the girls also raffled off a quilt made by one of our troop committee members and passed out flyers for recruiting more scouts.

If you know any girls ages 11-17 that love the outdoors and are interested in learning leadership skills (and just having fun), we want to know! The troop meets in the Fellowship Hall, Monday nights from 6 pm - 7:30 pm. Call Scoutmaster Wolff at (386) 406-1736 for more information.

Join our committee and help the troop succeed! Mrs. Anne Carroll heads up our

committee and is looking for assistance.

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