Meet The Elder

Personnel Elder Don Baggett

1. How long have you been an elder? 4 years.

2. If you have been an elder of more than one committee, what was your favorite one and why? It has been my honor to serve on Communications as a member and on the Pastor Nominating Committee and Personnel Committee as the Chairperson.

3. What is the most rewarding experience as an Elder? Helping the church’s mission through the PNC process and in enabling growth through an empowered staff led by a strong pastor with a vision.

4. What is the most challenging issue as an Elder & how was it resolved? Identifying the needs of the church as it went through leadership changes. The PNC process required careful consideration of the church’s current situation and future. In considering 119 pastors, the PNC came to a solid consensus on what was needed and who to search for.

5. How has being an Elder enriched your faith? Serving with my Brothers and Sisters on the Session and PNC has been an inspiration. I’m proud to serve with such Christians.

6. Do you have anything additional you would like our congregation to know? I’m convinced that we are on the right path to grow the church over time. Property, communication, worship, finance, staff and other elements are coming together to meet the mission. Our success will send a message far beyond our walls. And it is essential that we do our share to carry the Word to the community and world beyond.

First Presbyterian Church
Lake City
Church Location
697 SW Baya Drive
Lake City, FL 32025
Office Location
608 Duval Street
Lake City , FL 32025
P.O. Box 469
Lake City, FL 32056

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