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Nominations Update

We are asking the congregation to help us with your recommendations for Elder. Do you know someone that has maybe told you that they would like to be an Elder? Or maybe just a person that you know and thought “wow they would make a great Elder”. Well that’s exactly what we are asking for your help with. Pick up a form from the Fellowship Hall next to the door and fill it out with that person’s name, and briefly explain why you think they would be a great Elder. When you fill it out put it in the clear offering box in the Sanctuary, or you can give it to Rod Glass, or any of the Nomination Committee members: Betsy Pottle, Larry Elshoff, Herb Ellis, Carol Verducci and Ginny Rankin. For the people at home that have not been able to make it to Church yet, you can call Rod Glass or anyone on Nominations Committee and we will be glad to fill out the form for you. We will be accepting the forms until May 2nd. Thank you and God bless!

By Rod Glass, Elder

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