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Meet the Elder: Cheryl Whigham

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

How long have you been an Elder?

Currently, I am in my 6th year as elder of the Congregational Life Committee. There is a 6-year maximum of serving, take a 1 year hiatus then you can accept another term if needed and asked.

If you have been an elder of more than one committee, what was your favorite one and why?

I have served as elder in the past. Many years ago, I started as a committee member on the Missions Committee. It was so overwhelming! That committee does so many amazing things. I also served on the Nominations Committee and then I was an elder when this Church was using “The Purpose Driven Church” form of organization for the Session’s committees. I find that it is much more preferable what the Session is doing now with full committees for each elder that put their heads together and make decisions for the benefit of our congregation.

My favorite committee that I’ve been a part of is by far Congregational Life. My committee consists of Olivia Adams, Kitty Dennison, Diane Ellis, Nancy Howe, Nan McNeill. They are the greatest committee members any committee could have and I am so blessed to have them.

What is the most rewarding experience as an Elder?

The most rewarding thing about being an elder is taking part in the decisions that drive our church. We have a great Session. The members are all focused on the right decisions for the church as a whole. During this trying time with the COVID 19 scare, we have made decisions for all of us to remain safe even though it may appear that we’re moving too slowly with reopening. Certainly, we trust God that He will keep us safe but I think He gave us the brains to use the safety precautions that He’s created.

What is the most challenging issue as an Elder and how was it resolved?

The most challenging time during serving on this committee was the James Montgomery Party to honor him at the Fair Grounds. It was also one of the most satisfying times to see our church come together for this common reason. Everybody pitched in and took part. It was amazing how well it turned out and it proved how far this church can go together.

How has being an Elder enriched your faith?

My faith has been enriched during my eldership by being exposed to so many faithful servants of God and the feeling of carrying out his work. Ken is an amazing Pastor/leader and he lives by example and encourages prayer. That has helped my faith and Ken’s Bible verses and sermons have helped me, too.

Do you have anything additional you would like our congregation to know?

I love this church and only see great things ahead for us. I have missed everybody so much and have faith that one day in the (kind of far!) future we can Pass the Peace like we used to do and I can give everybody a great big hug!

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