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Mission Outreach Update

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

"Hunger Fight" was cancelled due to COVID-19.

Diane has been coordinating the "Feed My Lambs" program every month since March. Some months Beverly and Lisa would help fix food at our homes and bring to the church. Most of the time Diane would buy the food, fix the food, bring it to the church, and get the cart ready for delivery. Sharon picks the food up the second and fourth Tuesday mornings for delivery. Beverly helped order and pick up green beans, fruit, and desserts. Lisa just recently started ordering and picking up food.

Beverly has kept the pantry fully stocked over the Spring, Summer and into the beginning of school. During the Summer the backpacks were not being picked up by the families as often. Now that the students are back in school, we are packing 30 bags a week. Rosemary and Beverly packed the bags during the spring and summer months, and Lisa delivered them to Melrose. Lisa just started packing bags with Rosemary. We will continue to pack bags every other Tuesday at 9:00 am. Lisa will start ordering and picking up food for the pantry.

By Jordan Green, Elder

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