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Nominations Update

The Nominations Committee has begun the process for Elder candidates to serve on Session’s class of 2026. We welcome your recommendations and encourage the congregation to pick up a Suggested Elder Nomination Form from the Fellowship Hall, Narthex or Administration Bldg. Please call the office (752-0670) if you would like a form mailed to you.

We have included a copy of the form in the Press for your convenience as well. After prayerfully completing the required information, please place in the plexiglass offering box, return it to the administrative office, or if you prefer, you may return it to any committee member.

· Charles Kime, Chair,

· Herb Ellis

· Larry Elshoff

· Ginney Rankin

· Betsy Pottle

· Carol Verducci

We will be accepting the forms through April 3.

By Charles Kime, Elder

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