November Music & Worship

By Tim Redding, Music Director/Worship Coordinator

As I sat to write this article, trying to think of something to say when what I normally write about in November (choir and handbell rehearsals, community Thanksgiving dinner, Advent and Christmas plans, etc.) all seems uncertain, I was drawing a blank. Right then, Pastor Ken walked by my office and said, “I want to thank you for your daily piano posts on social media; they are really magnificent.”

Suddenly, I was reminded of a quote from Emily Freeman’s book "A Million Little Things":

"What if your art is part of a bigger picture, part of a daily grace God has in mind for someone else?"

I’m sure most of us don’t consider ourselves to be artists. We’re just regular people: parents, students, workers, friends. However, each of us does have something to give that can be a daily grace for others. For me, it may be my piano videos.

For you, it may be something traditionally “artistic” as well: a song, a painting, a dance; but it could very well be a loving word, a box of peanut butter crackers placed in the Blessing Box, a load of laundry, a gracious smile for a stranger or a friend (even with your mask on, I promise we can see it in your eyes).

I hope you will take a moment to see the artistic potential in all your words, deeds, attitudes, and relationships. God bless you!




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