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Worship Update

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

By Roberta Whitaker, Elder

We continue to worship in-house wearing masks and observing social distancing. If you have not experienced the joy of worshiping in the Sanctuary, we hope you will come soon. It is very safe thanks to Luke sanitizing everything, (including the air!)

Suzanne will be placing the Thanksgiving cornucopia in time for Dedication Sunday, November 8th. Remember to bring your pledge card and food items that date or bring to the drive by on November 10th.

Unusual as they may be, plans are getting in place for the Advent season, just around the corner. Although we will have the Sanctuary decorated, we will not be having memorial poinsettias. Instead, look for the December Press for ideas where you may want to donate a memorial. We hope to proceed with plans for an outdoor Christmas Eve service in the handicap parking area using glow sticks instead of candles. Weather permitting, of course. But it will be a shorter service than usual.

Have a wonderful fall and we hope to see your "smiling eyes" soon. Stay healthy and safe!

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