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Worship Update

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

By Roberta Whitaker, Elder

We have had 4 weeks of in sanctuary worship and it is going very well. Attendance has been nearly full each week, but we can always make room for you. So, hope you will join us soon. With masks in place and social distancing we can now sing our praises. You can call the office on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to reserve a spot or if you forget, please feel free to call me later in the week and I can let you know what is available. Phone number is in directory.

October 4th communion will be served. A special time for us to remember the sacrifices Jesus made for the redemption of our sins. We will be partaking of the elements using individual, disposable cups.

Tentative plans are being made for the Christmas season. (Yes, it will be here before we know it, in spite of COVID-19!) We will keep you up to date about that.

Until then, stay safe and healthy, my friends!

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