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Property Update

As we get closer to a more normal life around our church, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Property Committee members and the church family for your support during these difficult times. Because of your support we have been able to maintain and improve this wonderful facility.

In March we had to replace the condenser (outside unit) in the Fellowship Hall AC unit. Within the last couple of years, we have replaced most of the AC and heating units on our property. These things come in bunches.

We have installed some new retractable blinds in the Fellowship Hall, and they look good and function really well. We have improved the wooded lot next to the parking lot by removing some dead trees, and we plan to make it look even better in the future. Our

Columbarium has undergone a facelift and it really looks good.

We look forward seeing more people using our wonderful facility in the near

future. We hope it happens soon!

By Lee McDuffie, Elder

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