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Seekers Update

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

What a great year we’re having at First Presbyterian. The number of visitors and new members is growing. We’re looking forward to continued growth at our church.

Thank you, Jennifer Blevins, for agreeing to join Seekers! We’re looking forward to the enthusiasm and energy you’ll bring to our group!

At our January Seekers meeting we discussed the need for continued nurturing and care of new members. The ideas were presented to Session and approved. New members will have a mentor. The mentor will give the new member(s) a New Member Notebook which includes essential information about the church, the opportunities for spiritual growth and service, the purpose of each committee and how to contact staff and Elders. The new member(s) will also be given a tour of the campus and facilities. As the new members are incorporated into the church family, other groups will continue to care for and encourage them.

Kudos to Jodie Killian for her work on our website! Visitors have been drawn to our church after visiting our website. If you’ve not had a chance to visit our website you’ll be so excited when you do. Jodie has some great ideas for drawing people into our church. We need more members on Seekers in order to implement Jodie’s ideas. Think about how you might serve with us. It’s such an exciting opportunity!

Herb Ellis would love to expand the pool of greeters. If this area of service appeals to you, please tell Herb. Our visitors continue to comment on the warmth and welcoming nature of our congregation. Y’all are the best!

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