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Seekers Update

I enjoy taking a tour of our yard in the early morning. This gives me a chance to enjoy the beauty before tackling the chores. I frequently find neighbors walking around enjoying the beauty of the flowers. In spite of the beauty our yard is a mess. It’s always under construction, weeds need to be pulled and plants need to be planted. Most days, I can look past the “ugly” and see the beauty of the garden. Sometimes, I begin to feel overwhelmed by the work needing to be done. We have a neighbor who delights in telling us we have the “ugliest” yard in the neighborhood. She may be right but it brings us so much joy! I was thinking how blessed we are that God overlooks our “ugly”, loves us unconditionally and sees our beauty. How important it is that we extend the same grace to ourselves and others, loving unconditionally and seeing the beauty in ourselves and others.

There are members who haven’t returned to services, and I realized they need to feel a connection to us. Feelings of isolation happen quickly. A phone call, a card or a visit can provide that connection. My intention to do these things is far better than my follow through. That’s frustrating! Thank goodness God continues to love me! If you want to have a serotonin boost, make a call, send a card or make a visit. It’s guaranteed to make you feel better!

Peace and love my friends!

By Bev Anthony, Elder

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