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Seekers Update

It’s officially Fall! YAY! These past mornings we’ve had a glimpse of the coming relief from the Florida heat and humidity. I think these first glimpses of Fall bring a renewed energy and interest in activities. There seems to be an excitement in the air. Activities are being resumed in the community and the church. We’re eagerly anticipating returning to our familiar gatherings at the church, and activities that can include people outside our congregation. We can now spread the word about our ministries in the community and invite others to attend. This can be a time of spiritual and physical growth for our church. Our boundaries are limitless.

If you haven’t seen someone from the congregation in a while, give the person a call. Let the person know you’re thinking about them. You will both be blessed! Direct contact makes such a difference. The new directories are here with up-to-date contact information. If you didn’t pick one up this past Sunday, they will be available in the Office and the Fellowship Hall.

We have church business cards you can also give out when inviting someone to church. The means of reaching others and sharing the ministry of our church are limitless. If you have an idea about how to reach others let us know. We’ll share the idea in the Presby Press.

Thank you for all you do to keep this church active and thriving!

Love and peace to each of you!

By Bev Anthony, Elder

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