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Worship Update

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

What a wonderful month of Advent services we have had. Pastor Ken and Tim have done an outstanding job of messages and music. I hope you have been able to worship with us in house or online. The cantata was beautiful and unique in the bell ringing presentation. But best of all (in my opinion) was the Christmas Eve service. If you missed it, I urge you to find it on YouTube or our web site and watch it. Our outside Advent display was spectacular, and a new tradition has been born.

And so now begins a new year with new challenges as COVID is still with us. We have met the challenges so far and will continue to do so. It is imperative that while we are in the building and on the church grounds, we keep our masks on and social distance the 6 feet apart. If you forget to call in for reservations, you can still feel free to call me later in the week. The Fellowship hall now has some seating available and a huge screen to watch the service and listen to Tim’s beautiful music. I hope you will continue to pray for our church, our members, and our country. HAPPY NEW YEAR AND STAY WARM AND SAFE.

By Roberta Whitaker, Elder

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