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Office Admin Update

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

By Nikki Hubler, Office Administrator

I am back in the office during normal business hours as of August 17th, no more working from home. Kids are back in school and daycare which has made it easier for me to be here Monday thru Thursday. I hope and pray I am able to continue this and that the schools do not shut back down. I feel my sense of normalcy coming back with some added hygiene and cleanliness to my family. Afternoon schedules look a little different when I come home, as we try to make sure we don’t bring the virus into our home which includes more laundry, detailed cleaning covering areas we may have touched on the way in, and more showers.

With the office being back open I want to remind everyone that appointments are still needed to come to the office or meet with a staff member. We sanitize after meetings and visitors so this adds extra time to our daily tasks. Also, don’t forget your mask!

Since I have more exposure due to the kids being back in school, please remember that many appointments can be handled via phone or Zoom. I know we all want to see each other face to face but I want to make sure y’all are safe. I hope to see y’all when we re-open again on September 13th. Make sure to keep an eye out via our social media outlets or email concerning updates to the scheduled re-opening. With the uncertainty of this virus still among us this can change quickly. I remind my daughter everyday, make sure to enjoy your time at school, because just as quickly as it shut down last time it can happen again.

Everyone please make the most of every minute of every day to the fullest, we don’t know what tomorrow brings for us. We can still enjoy life, even under our current conditions. Nature is beautiful, take a walk in a park socially distanced and masked, if needed. If you are going alone, let someone know where you are going, so they can check on you later in the day to make sure you got home safe. For those that do not feel safe going out, technology is your friend (as hard and frustrating as it may seem).

You can video chat with family and friends. Zoom has a free option that gives you 40 minutes of video chat per session for free. Take advantage of this tool along with the other tools available like Facebook video chat, and your cellphone operating systems video capability. If you need help on how to do this please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I am not an expert but between us we can figure something out.

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