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Music Notes

THANK YOU to the choir, band, church staff, Pastor Ken, and the worship committee for beautiful Advent and Christmas services. It was such a joy to present a cantata with a full choir again, and the online Longest Night service provided a ray of hope and comfort for me in a season that is often difficult. On Christmas Eve, when you raised your glow sticks high and illuminated the sanctuary, I was moved to tears, as I am every year at that service. Thank you!

2022 is upon us, and I look forward to all the opportunities we will have to worship and serve God in the year ahead, as we (hopefully soon) return to “normal.” I ask that you continue to pray for our session and pastor as they make prayerful decisions for the health of our congregation!

Choir is currently on a break, but when we resume rehearsals, they will be on Sunday mornings at 9:30am, and we hope to resume our Wednesday evening rehearsals on January 26 at 6:30pm (when we will begin rehearsing Lent and Easter music, including a brand-new cantata).

We observed the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper in worship on January 2, and the Loud Offering will be taken up on Sunday, January 9. January 9 will also be the beginning of a new sermon series; this one is on “God’s Love.”

If you are interested in participating in music ministry at First Presbyterian Church of Lake City, speak with me before or after worship on Sundays, call the church office at 386-752-0670, or email me at

I am eager to “get to work” in the new year, and hope you are, too!

By Tim Redding, Music Director / Worship Coordinator

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