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Property Update

As we approach Advent our church seems to be getting back to some semblance of normality. The Property Committee is extremely happy to see this happening. Don Christensen along with many property and church members have been working diligently to keep our church facility in good shape. Luke has been keeping up with the cleaning and sanitizing to ensure your safety when you are on the church campus.

Some of the latest new projects are replacing the gutters on the north side of the Fellowship Hall and the east side of the Sanctuary. We have also, with Rod Glass’s equipment, removed the shrubbery both behind and in front of the Administration Building. If you have not seen Rob Brown’s minute for Stewardship please take a look at it. His talk tells how property and Stewardship are closely related. With your continued financial support, we will continue to make improvements as needed. We thank you for your support.

By Lee McDuffie, Elder

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