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Property Update

The Property Committee is moving forward with the replacement of the air handlers in the Fellowship Hall. The current ones are outdated and only partially functional. The replacements should be installed by mid-March.

The Columbarium storage room has been completely reconfigured, and is now a much more practical and safe place of operation.

All of the fire hydrants on the property have been re-certified.

The hedges in front of the Admin. building have been removed, the ground re-graded, and seeded with grass. This will greatly reduce unwanted weed growth and reduce maintenance costs.

A special thanks goes out to Lee McDuffie as the out-going Chair of the committee for his excellent leadership and guidance during his term. He has been an inspiration for all of the committee members.

Also, a special thanks goes out to Don Christensen for his tireless efforts of maintaining the property. While all of the committee members contribute greatly to the duties of the committee, Don works at the church nearly every day, and his knowledge, experience and work ethic are invaluable.

By Rob Brown, Elder

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