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Youth Update

Exciting times!!!

The youth had our first in-person meeting at the church this past month. It was so great to be back together again! We had a great dinner, Liam Green shared a devotional with us, and we played games.

Earlier this year, I challenged our youth to be ready to teach from one of their favorite scriptures. So far we have had two of our youth share with us, and there will be more to follow. Both did a wonderful job! I was happy they accepted the challenge.

One of the things that I want to get across to our group is that we need to go beyond just knowing what we believe. We need to be able AND willing to share it as well. This can come in different ways. We show the world what we believe not only with our words, but even more importantly with our actions. The way we speak to, the way we drive next to, (that one hurts a little. lol) the way we treat others… These things show the people around us what we truly believe and who we are.

So, I challenge the youth, and it’s a challenge to the rest of us as well… Let’s be ready to share our faith, but let us also be willing - to live out our faith.

Keep us in your prayers. In a couple of weeks, about 13 of us head to Camp Montgomery. I’ll tell you all about it in the next Press.

By Johnny Brown, Youth Director

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