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Music Notes

When I put out cantata books with plans to start working on our Christmas cantata, someone asked me, “So, is this just wishful thinking?” My response was that, at this point of uncertainty, any plans we make are wishful thinking. However, I thought about this the rest of the day, and how the phrase “wishful thinking” has a negative connotation.

A better answer would have been that this is “hopeful thinking.” We are told throughout Scripture that we can hope in the Lord and that God gives us hope. So as we make music ministry plans for the coming months, they may have to change as new information comes our way; but we can place our hope in God that whatever we do is pleasing to God.

With that being said, Pastor Ken and I have planned music for the coming months, all the way through Christmas. I hope that the choir may present weekly anthems starting on World Communion Sunday (October 3), and I hope that bagpiper Tim Akins will be back to provide us with his amazing music on Reformation Sunday (October 31). I also hope to announce a new date and time for the “restart” of choir rehearsal soon.

I never could have imagined how true it would be when I said (in my June 2020 Press article)

that our music program will “look different.” It is still

coming together over a year later. But I also said in that same article: “Out of adversity always comes the best art.” I hope and pray that whatever we end up doing in the coming days and months, we are all safe and healthy, and that God is pleased with our worship, in all its many forms. God bless you all!

By Tim Redding, Music Director / Worship Coordinator

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