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Youth Update

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

By Johnny Brown, Youth Director

Each week the youth are able to find some creative, fun ways to connect with each other online. Onscreen trivia games, scavenger hunt, show & tell and I spy are just a few ways we still have fun together in our current situation. This week, we will feature a fashion show as each youth puts together an outrageous outfit to show off to everyone else. (I’ll take the best pictures that I can.)

Each week as we enjoy our time visiting via Zoom with everyone, we talk about how God is working in our lives and in this current situation. Please continue to pray for us as we seek to love, serve and grow together in the challenges of this time.

Just before the current COVID-19 crisis affected us, we added a couple of new Youth Committee members. I would like to take up a little space to let you get to know one of those new members a little better: Bonnie Green

Bonnie Green

Bonnie has been practicing law since 1997. She is married to Jordan Green, (for 25 years), and they have two kids. Lane, who is a student at the University of Florida, and Liam, who will be in the 8th grade this fall.

Bonnie grew up here at FPCLC and was very active in the youth group herself. She enjoyed being involved with Camp Montgomery as both a camper and a counselor, and loved going to Montreat Youth Conferences as well.

Bonnie and Jordan were married at the church and are both very involved members. Bonnie served as a Sunday School Teacher for 15 years and worked with the Youth Group for a few years.

Both Bonnie and Jordan have already been a great help and encouragement to me in my first several months here, and I look forward to working with her more as a member of our Youth Committee.

We thank Pastor Ken for his guidance and leadership during these trying times!

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